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Clean Beauty @ Home

Private Virtual Clean Beauty Events

Host a virtual party with Credo! Connect with co-workers, friends, or family from afar with a relaxing facial or a fun makeup master class. Events are fully customizable to your group size and preferences. Email to get started! 6 week lead time to schedule a virtual event.

Enjoy the Retail Experience At Home
Our Clean Beauty Experts are here to get you started with ultra personalized, convenient, one-on-one advice.
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Show us your makeup bag and we'll help you clean it up.
Hello? Ask Us Anything
Instantly connect with a Clean Beauty Expert in real time. Ask questions, get recommendations, find your perfect shade or send a photo or video and we’ll work together.
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Whatever you need…we’re all ears...and we’re all here for you. It’s the next best thing to being there.
6 am - 8 pm PT.
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